As a technical writer and information designer, my role is to provide excellent content, as well as better ways to deliver that content. 

I graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Information Design from the University of Westminster in 1989. Since then, I've worked in media, marketing and communications, principally in Scotland, where I've held positions as Director of Graphics, Studio Manager, Senior Creative, Creative Director and copywriter

In 2007, I relocated to Munich and focused more on technical writing, strategy development and content design, working for large organisations across Europe, the Middle East and US.

In January 2018, I joined SAP in Munich as a Technical Writer and currently work in agile software development. I have also completed professional scrum master training. 

In addition, I am a member of the Tekom Society for Technical Documentation in Germany and have a TESOL certificate, which qualifies me to teach English to students of other languages. 

"We greatly valued your professionalism and the high quality content that you always produced". 

FUGRO N.V., The Netherlands


The following are extracts from official references provided by employers and clients. complete, signed references can be supplied on request.

Employer, March 2017

"David delivered work of a superior quality in the areas of technical copywriting and communication design for a range of industry-leading customers and clients. His ability to create focused, engaging and concise copy for clients competing in complex and challenging market segments has been second-to-none. Clients have consistently provided feedback on the quality of his performance over the years. In every instance, the feedback has been excellent.

He was often relied upon to create a logical and convincing narrative our of complex and competing data and information. His ability to generate concise storyboards from this information proved invaluable to clients in a multitude of industries. His ability to lead the creative element of project along with the required project staff is a unique ability, and one that he managed with ease."

Employer, November 2016

"David's character was of the highest order, reliable, trustworthy and always demonstrating personal integrity and honesty. As the creative lead for the company, he was always able to produce innovative and best-in-class thinking and output, working calmly under pressure to tight deadlines. 

As account manager for significant international clients, he was held in the highest regard, frequently being invited to provide strategic input to client strategy beyond the original scope of contracts. He worked with considerable autonomy and I was always comfortable with his decision making and that he acted at all times in the best interests of the company and client.

His work ethic and enthusiasm for his profession, combined with outstanding creative skills, mean I have no hesitation in recommending him for any similar role and I would not hesitate to employ him again should the opportunity arise.

Client, November 2016

"I have worked with David for the past 11 years.During that time, he has played an important role in our advertising, marketing and communications and was involved in many of our online, print, event and PR activities.

Over the past 4 years, his understanding of our industry, our business and our commercial goals has helped us develop both our corporate brand and our flagship products. His creativity, common sense and marketing experience have contributed to our growth and success as a pioneering company.

On a personal level, I have always found him a quick thinker, easy to work with and considerate. We know we can rely on him to understand our needs and provide the right solution".

Client, November 2016

"We have worked with David over a long period of time. He knows how to write, knows how to design and knows how to create something interesting, even with only a small amount of information. He has helped us to set our brand apart... and because of him, we have set a standard in our industry which companies really like.

He understands our industry very well and is always keen to learn more about our clients and their products and services. He is spot-on with writing press releases, for example, even when it's a first-time client. 

It's not very common to have a technical writer designer and marketing specialist in one person. Fortunately, he is very flexible and I can strongly recommend him".

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