As a qualified Graphic Information Designer (BA Hons degree) and experienced Creative Director, I have proven capabilities in defining, structuring, designing and producing content for effective communication routes and objectives.

I have worked in both B2B and B2C corporate and commercial contexts, and with customers in the private and governmental sectors too. I have also worked on several health, safety and environmental (HSE) projects, including workforce guidance, familiarisation, instruction and training.

My experience includes:

  • Preliminary research and strategy development,
  • Working closely with development, production and enablement specialists,
  • Planning and coordinating communication and marketing activities,
  • Producing effective diagrams and infographics,
  • UX and UI design,
  • Event management and presentations, 
  • Project management.

Below are three case studies providing a cross section of my work. Many more examples are available on demand.

Case Study 1 - Ask Fugro Marketing Campaign

In 2015, I conceived, planned and part-managed an innovative, multi-channel, worldwide marketing campaign for Dutch geoscience specialist Fugro. Originally aimed at highlighting the company's global subsea division, the campaign was extended in 2016 and 2017 to feature Fugro's corporate-wide innovations in geointelligence and asset integrity management under the 'Ask Fugro' banner.

Conceived as a series of weekly problems and solutions from Fugro's subsea operating companies in the US and EMEA regions, I conducted the background research to identify suitable topics, develop meaningful messages and ensure factual accuracy. I then wrote the problems and solutions with input from Fugro's project managers, technicians and R&D specialists. I also produced technical and commercial texts for promotional videos, social media posts, sales packs and merchandise. Concurrently, I updated and expanded the company's online and print collateral to ensure that customer inquiries were met with appropriate information.

Throughout the campaign, I developed and referenced my own style guide to ensure that terminology, definitions and descriptions were consistent both within the campaign framework and across the whole of Fugro's marketing and communication activities.   

> Fugro Website

Case Study 2 - Peak Well Systems

I worked with Australian downhole tool specialists Peak for the five years, providing technical copywriting and information design input on corporate collateral, video presentations, international events, marketing and advertising campaigns.

With over 100 high-tech products in its portfolio, articulating how Peak's tools perform better than competing brands required me to understand and appreciate the fine details of downhole tool technology, what was important to end-users and what decision makers valued most.

My first task for the company was to structure its diverse portfolio into categories of tool and application. This enabled us to visualise the full range of products, and create a logical site map for a new corporate website. Since then, I've written storyboards and scripts for Peak's product videos; text for its print and online advertising; and technical and commercial copy for its corporate sales literature, product promotions and micro-sites. 

As I learned more about Peak, I was able to contribute more proactively towards their marketing and communication objectives, despite being 13,000 miles away . In January 2017, Peak was acquired by the world's largest oilfield services provider - Schlumberger.


Case Study 3 - BJ Services Safety Recognition Programme

For American oil service giant BJ Services, I helped develop a 4-year Safety Recognition Programme designed to improve workforce health and safety at the company's sites. Working with management, safety representatives and personnel, I took the lead on communication and content development, and branded the campaign.

I devised, named and implemented an incentive-based, worldwide safety awareness program for BJ's employees. This involved working on a wide range of promotional, educational and commercial materials to support the campaign over a four year period. 

Listening to workshop technicians and safety representatives, and attending safety meetings enabled me to get to the heart of issues influencing workplace behaviour, to target specific problems through communication channels, and to understand key factors that could impact on the success of the program. It also ensured that the text and imagery I produced for correspondence, guidelines and promotional items resonated with personnel. To sustain commitment from the workforce, I instigated regular feedback sessions, so that we captured lessons learned. 

Using Lost Time Incidents (LTIs) and reporting statistics as measures of the program's success, BJ acknowledged that the SRP had a marked impact on safety performance while demonstrating the company's clear commitment to HSEQ.


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