Carefully Managed Perceptions

I have originated and developed several company, product and service brands - creating names, identities, stories, claims and values to help define brands and set them apart from competitors. 

My experience in this area includes:

  • Company, product and service naming
  • Brand statements and slogans
  • Claim development
  • Corporate identity design and development
  • Brand values
  • Style and brand guidelines
  • Brand trademark registration in the US and UK

Corporate Identities  

The following are a selection of identities and logos that I have created and developed.

Case Study 1 - Synergy

Newly formed financial advisor Synergy wanted to challenge existing perceptions of investment, insurance and personal finance. I worked with the company to develop a dynamic corporate identity, brand character and story.  

I began the project by considering what the company's target audience looked for in an advisor and what factors influenced investment decisions. This process identified five qualities that, together, defined the ideal qualities of a financial consultant - Spirit, Affinity, Integrity, Liberty and Genius. Each of these elements had a customer-facing representation (the 'talk'), and an inner set of philosophies and values (the 'walk').

I designed the 'Synergy Star' icon to symbolise these factors, using crystals to convey lucidity, transparency and clarity. I then wrote a series of short, informal stories to illustrate the company's autonomy and unique personality across marketing materials, personal communications and the company's website. 

I assisted too in illustrating Synergy's business model and branding its service packages to maintain a logical and coherent visual style that supported the company's messaging to its B2B and B2C stakeholders.   

Case Study 3 - Independent Data Services (IDS)

In 1997, I provided the founders of IDS with a corporate identity that encapsulated the company's role in connecting onshore and offshore oil and gas operators and production assets with IDS' integrated planning and reporting solutions. Over the last 20 years, I've assisted in many branded projects as the company has evolved and expanded.

This section is currently being worked on.

More Identities

Below are additional identities and logos that I've designed and developed. Click a thumbnail to display the full image.

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